3D Black Gel Letter B

£3.00 Exc VAT.

Each Product is a sheet of 10 digits (30p per digit)

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Buy B letter for number plate today for a fantastic offer and unbeatable prices. The items are all sold in bulk so you are paying for a brilliant deal. Prices per letter vary but each letter costs under £1 and is available for a bulk purchase. Gbnumberplates offer letters in different styles such as domed digits, which are slightly raised from the surface to give a different look.

Letter B Number plate for car number plates is available to purchase today. When you purchase from gbnumberplates, a strenuous quality check is performed to ensure that your product is correct before it is dispatched. Since a number plate is a crucial piece to make a car road legal, gbnumberplates is responsible for ensuring your product is correct and safe to use. If you ever have any issues with your item, be sure to contact gbnumberplates to resolve your issue if you ever have issues with the B letter number plate.

The letter B for number plate and domed B letter for number plate  is a product purchasable from gbnumberplates. This letter is a high quality piece that conforms to all current UK road law, making it perfectly legal to use and ensures that gbnumberplates sells excellent quality products. Gbnumberplates provides excellent products with top customer service,

Gbnumberplates is one of the UK’s best sellers of number plate letters and digits, and has thousands of satisfied customers to back this up. Place your order today for Letter B for number plate to find fantastic quality. Sign up today for a trade account to make your first purchase. Gbnumberplate stocks both numbers and digits for a wide variety of vehicles, so find the letters and digits you want today with gbnumberplates.

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79mm x 50mm (UK Cars), 64mm x 44mm (Motorbikes, US/Japanese Imports)


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