Number 5

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Each Product is a pack of 10 digits (65p per digit)

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The UK is famous for its iconic number plate style, all cars must be displayed with a number plate on the front and back of the car. This is a legal requirement for all cars as it contains information about the car such as the owner, type of car, and year it was registered. A gbnumberplates sell digits and letters for car number plates in bulk for a fantastic value.

One of the best selling digits sold by gbnumberplates is the domed 5 digit for number plate. The number 5 is a common digit used in number plates, so it is a popular digit sold by gbnumerplates. Each piece is sold in a domed style, this means that when attached the letters will be raised. Appearing 3 dimensional when displayed on a vehicle.

Gbnumberplates allows you to buy 5 digit for number plate in bulk orders, this means you purchase a larger quantity of digits and letters for a great affordable price. This allows the purchaser to gain a variety of required numbers and digits without spending too much money or going over a budget. Each letter and digits sold by gbnumberplates is sold in packs of 10 costing 65p  per letter or digit.

Purchase your 5 digit number plate for your vehicle today and create an incredible domed numberplate piece. Gbnumberplates are one of the UK’s best retailers who sell numberplate letters at a low cost for bulk quantity. Each of these letters goes through a rigorous check to make sure each piece is correct, road legal, and the best quality possible. You can buy with confidence through gbnumberplates when purchasing your number 5 digit number plate as gbnumberplates is one of the best sellers of road legal domed number plate letters and digits in the UK.

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64mm x 44mm, 79mm x 50mm


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