3D Black Gel Number 6

£3.00 Exc VAT.

Each Product is a sheet of 10 digits (30p per digit)

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Gbnumberplates are one of the UKs best sellers of individual number plate digits and letters. Each piece is created and produced to a high standard from the highest quality material available, to ensure the product that you order is strong and long lasting. Our goal with our digit and letter products is to impress you and reassure you that you have purchased the highest quality product on the current market.

One of the incredible products available for purchase from GB number plates is the 6 digit number plate, a common number used on the UK’s number plates, the 6 digit made by gb number plates sells extremely well and is trusted among our satisfied customers. Before each piece is despatched to our customers, gbnumberplates puts each item through a quality check to ensure every piece is okay and safe to use. We don’t want our customers to purchase items that won’t be road legal or incorrect, so this is why the quality checks are in place.

Purchase your number 6 digit number plate today for a high quality item and fast delivery. Each of our items are sold in bulk making your purchase a better deal overall. Each piece is road legal and matches to size measurements set by the UK government, each piece sells for 30p each and is purchasable in packs of 10 letters or digits.

Each piece is styled domed 6 digit number plate, this means each piece appears 3D or embossed. Make your purchase of 6 digit for number plate today for an excellent high quality road legal number plate domed digits and letters. You won’t find a better deal for this product, buy 6 digit for number plate today for an excellent offer on a bulk purchase. You won’t find a better deal on price or quality, in touch today for your incredible order.

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79mm x 50mm (UK Cars), 64mm x 44mm (Motorbikes, US/Japanese Imports)


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