3D Black Gel Number 8

£3.00 Exc VAT.

Each Product is a sheet of 10 digits (30p per digit)

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On every vehicle, a series of numbers and digits is displayed to help identify a vehicle. This information can be used to identify a make of a car, insurance, and the owner. GBnumberplates is one of the UK’s best suppliers of 8 digit number plate and a highly recommended seller of number plate letters and digits.

8 digit for number plate can be purchased directly from gbnumberplates, We take care and pride with each of our purchases, so be rest assured you will only receive products that we are completely satisfied with. Each item will be checked individually so you can be assured that your order is correct and up to a high standard of quality. gbnumberplates has a strict quality control guide to ensure that every piece is correct.

Purchase your 8 digit for number plate today, our products are also available for bulk purchase. Bulk costs is a more cost efficient method of purchasing, The cost is spread out meaning you will find a better price and save money on your purchase. Each individual digit or letter is available to purchase in packs which are ten and the cost of each one is 30p per digit or number. You can buy 8 digit  for number plate or find a similar product to the number 8 digit number plate, so be sure to place your order and buy 8 digit for number plate.

If you wish, domed 8 digit for number plate is also available for you to purchase. The domed number and digit is styled so that it has texture, and is embossed above the surface of the numberplate. If you are at all unsure about purchasing from us, we can assure you that every piece sold is road legal and complies with all UK road & vehicle laws. Gbnumberplates is a specialist seller and supplier of number plates and digits, so please visit our store and place your order today. You won’t be beaten on incredible prices and good value, and we sell every other digit and number if you’re looking for other products than the number 8 digit number plate.

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79mm x 50mm (UK Cars), 64mm x 44mm (Motorbikes, US/Japanese Imports)


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